Sponsors 2023

The Open Repositories community would like to thank the following companies for sponsoring the 2023 conference. Sponsors are listed alphabetically within each sponsorship level. Check out their websites or visit  them while you attend the conference.

Gold Sponsors

4Science, www.4science.com, provides outstanding solutions for research information & data management and for cultural heritage. Our solutions include DSpace, its extensions CRIS and GLAM, Dataverse, and OJS. Our services range from installation and configuration to hosting and maintenance, from customisation to integration, training, and consultancy.

Our team has decades of domain expertise and experience, including technological, methodological, and policy-related, the fruit of numerous collaborations with universities and research institutes around the world, and backgrounds working in national research and education technology agencies.

4Science’s solutions are designed to enable you to manage your research information & data, and your cultural assets, with full interoperability, global connectedness and robust security. They are built with open-source software, open standards and protocols, in collaboration with worldwide communities. A Certified ORCID Service Provider, Certified DSpace Partner and Solution Provider for the Cloud Security Alliance, 4Science is also ISO 9001 certified, bringing a high level of assurance with its services.

Our solutions support compliance with key international standards, from OpenAIRE to ORCID, from CERIF to IIIF, and enable implementation of transnationally important policies, including Open Research, Research Impact and Digital Preservation.

Silver Sponsors



Bronze Sponsors



Other support